Disponibilidade: 12
P-VIP 100-120/1.3 E23 - OSRAM
Modelo: 2020100208562 - P-VIP 100-120/1.3 E23 - OSRAM
R$ 799,00

Lâmpada P-VIP 100-120/1.3 E23 - OSRAM
Potência: 100-120W, 120W
Glass: Reflector E23 Elliptic, Elliptical, Elliptically
Arc Gap: 1.3mm
Ignition Voltage: 5kV
5200 Lumens at 120W observed in working distance through 6mm aperture
Category MD TV
Power range 100 – 120 W
Environmental Complies RoHS
Max Lamp Power: 120 Watts
Electrodes: Solid tungsten
Max Lamp Current: 2.0 Amps
Luminous Flux: 6000 lm at 100W - 7000 lm at 120W
Max Lamp Operating Voltage: 65 Volts
Luminous Efficacy: 58 lm/W
Colour Temperature: 7600°K
CRI: Ra 57
Bulb Finish: Hard Dichroic Cold Mirror
Chromaticity Co-ordinates: CCx : 0.298 CCy : 0.311
Bulb Type: PAR-23 Borosilicate with front glass
Average Rated Life: 8000 hours at 100W, 6000 hours at 120W
Reflector Size: Round 95mm
Marca: Osram

Equipment using this lamp:
LG ZenithRE-44SZ20RD
Loewe55 Loewe Arctic
OptomaRD50, RD65, RD65a
Sagem AxiumHD501, HTD501, RL-1080A Retroprojecteur TV if your lamp code ends in E23. If the code ends in E23h you need this lamp.

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